Clark forklift
Ford forklift
L - R: "blue wonder" scraper, canthook, old-fashioned bark spud, two homemade spuds from leaf springs, putty knife, glove, water, Gatorade
Our water supply for the pressure-washer: two 55gal. drums and a plastic 300gal. tank.
Closeup of one of the two canthooks we used.
Gas-powered pressure-washer
"Kitchen appliances" - canning cooker, 5gal. plastic bucket with sealable lid and spout, wooden spoon, and infrared thermometer.
Protective gear for spraying the borate solution - waterproof rain suit, latex gloves, boots, respirator, and face shield.
We moved our "kitchen" into the woods for wind protection. We also added a new "appliance". Paul modified an old water heater so we can now cook up multiple batches of borate at a time without significantly increasing cooking time.
Terex pan machine
John Deere dozer
Ford 8-wheel 4WD farm tractor
Ford CL-40 skid steer
Chop saw
2- or 3-sheave block and tackle sets with 1/2" poly rope. One block hangs from the top of the lifting pole on a loop of chain secured with a 1/2" threaded rod. There are also 2 additional guy ropes tied to the top.
Reciprocating saw, carpenter's square, cordless drill, 36" chain saw, 18" chain saw, 4" grinder, 1/2" drill motor, hose cutter, 100' tape measure, hammer, pry bar
Our new "Tool Transportation Unit" Everything we need that we can't leave on the site travels in this crate.
"Log Dog" - the rebar spikes on each end are ground down to knife edges. Log dogs are used to hold a log in place on the wall before it is pinned into place.
Two homemade tools used to fit down over the floor joists to hold them vertically while the cross bracing between joists was installed.
Metal hooks used for hanging many things from our safety cables. Here, the left hook is suspending the drill with the cord wrapped and knotted for safety. The right hook is suspending a 25' tape measure.
"Rebar caddy" - for holding various lengths of rebar
Plumb bob
White 4WD farm tractor with 1730 QA loader attachment with forks.
Daewoo DH180LC excavator
Ford 4000 farm tractor
John Deere 750D bulldozer
Portable air compressor.
Cabela's leather insulated waterproof work gloves.


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