Born: 12-8-07 at 3:19 a.m.
Weight: 8lbs. 2oz.
Length: 21"

Our new bundle of joy, only minutes old.
Basking under the heat lamp.
Weighing in.
Grampa Hand approves.
Jeff was the first non-medical person to hold Stephen.
Jeff shows Jillena their pride and joy.
Jeff and Stephen with Gramma Hand.
Gramma Everson gets her first close look.
Jillena holds her son for the first time.
Mother and child.
The new proud parents and their son.
Great-Gramma Cabisca holds Stephen for the first time.
Jillena feeling a whole lot better.
Stephen feeling the comfort of a mother's touch.
Stephen prepares for his first bath.
First the front side...
...then the back side.
Someone please dry me off!
Combing the shampoo through.
Rinsing off the hair.
Jillena's parents, Julie and Paul, looking on.
The best stocking-stuffer we could hope for!
Stephen drying off and warming up after his bath.
Paul and his first grandson.
Julie and her new grandson.
Jillena's friend Beth came down from Canada to share our joy and celebration.
Paul, Beth and Stephen, Jillena, and Julie.
Beth and Jillena enjoying our new addition.
Stephen rests in her mother's arms.
Stephen slept a lot after his stressful night.
Our friends, Mike and Lori, stopped by in the afternoon.
Our good friend Dr. Lamarque.
Our friend Tom with our new baby. Tom and Stephen share a birthday!


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