Log Preparation


This is a view of our property the day before we started to stake out the driveway and house. Nothing but 5 acres of farm land.

We knew we'd need our boots the next day!



Today was certainly chilly but clear, and we did need our boots. Jillena's dad drove up from the Southern Tier (a 3-hour trip) with some surveying equipment to help us stake out the driveway, house and garage.

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A month and a half later and the land shows first signs of development. The ditch running across the property has been dug out to clear it of small saplings and to widen it a bit. The clump of trees on the right surround a pond that will be dug wider and deeper for fill. Some trees have already been felled around the pond to provide access for the excavator.



Not much has changed in two weeks except that the hay, clover and goldenrod have come in very thick. This is the time of year that we're expecting our logger to begin cutting our trees that will eventually be delivered as the logs for our house.



Every day after work and every weekend, weather permitting, Jeff has been cutting up the felled trees from around the adjacent pond. This will be firewood for us. Our friend Tom has been joining him when he can to get some real exercise. Jillena hasn't been feeling well due to the new pregnancy, so Jeff's been on his own much of the time.

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To prepare the spot where the log racks will go, we measured and placed large blocks to elevate them. The idea is to place the "runner logs" on these blocks to keep them off the ground so they don't rot. We also hope that by raising the racks a bit, it will make the peeling process easier on our backs.

The blocks are visible in this picture spaced up the left and right sides.

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Log Preparation


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