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Again, not a lot to report for this season. We've been simply enjoying our home for a while and getting all our ducks in a row before continuing with major projects.

A good friend of ours who built his own butt-and-pass log home using the same methods as us loaned us his Woodmizer bandsaw! We're now able to begin cutting our own material for the 2nd floor. Our hope is to rough-cut the boards on this bandsaw, get them kiln-dried, and shape them into floor boards ourselves, saving a whole lot of money. Jeff spend the day cutting up some pine trees we obtained from another friend of ours.

no additional Flooring pics for today



Another weekend of cutting logs into rough floor boards. All of these need to be around 2" thick so that after drying and planing, we end up with 1-1/2" boards to span our floor beams.

no additional Flooring pics for today

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